Overtime Regulations Coming Quicker Than Expected


Word from the 2016 Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) National Legislative Conference this week is that the new federal Department of Labor regulations (Part 541) regarding overtime will be out sooner than expected, in the latter part of April.  In addition to the well-publicized increase in the minimum salary that will need to be paid to make an employee exempt from overtime pay (over $50,000 per year), there are expected to be significant changes in the duties requirements for each exempt status category. 

As always, we will address these and other changing labor and employment laws at our monthly local Genesee Valley Chapter SHRM meetings, and we are planning several half-day seminars on this topic in the spring and summer, ahead of the expected July effective date.  Do not hesitate to contact Paul Keneally, Jennifer Shoemaker or Alina Nadir if you have any questions.