National Right-To-Work Bill Given Best Chance Ever


A national Right-To-Work bill now pending in Congress, allowing employees in union workplaces to opt out of the union and its dues, is being given its best chance ever of passage. President Trump has indicated his support for the bill, and Republican control of both houses of Congress helps the bill's odds.  However, the Democrats still have the ability to filibuster the bill if they remain united, so Republicans are reaching across the aisle for defectors.

Losing the mandatory payment of dues at union employers would be a critical blow to some unions. Employees who disagree with union positions or who want to attempt a "free ride" (benefit from a union contract without paying dues) would be able to opt out of paying dues. Some commentators believe that unions might act drastically in the short term to a Right-To-Work law, by striking in an attempt to retain members through emotion. 

The Right-To-Work bill will be closely watched in the coming months.