Lessons from Harvey Weinstein: Ignoring Problematic Behavior is Never the Answer


The abhorrent behavior of Harvey Weinstein is a lesson to all employers and is something my colleagues and I repeat again and again.  Just because employees are not complaining about sexual harassment does not mean that it is not happening. Many victims of harassment fear that they will be retaliated against if they complain about the harassment, especially if the harasser is a high-level decision maker.

Moreover, some workplaces are rife with enabling personalities that turn a blind eye to the illegal behavior that is taking place.  All too often women are being told not to rock the boat if they hope to advance within the company, or are told that the behavior is a “generational thing,” or “locker room talk.” 

The Weinstein scandal carries so many important messages, including that what you may think is a well-kept secret can have the ability to destroy a company in an instant, especially in this information age.  It is always better to deal with the harasser and stop the illegal behavior, even if that means making the tough decision to let a rainmaker go.