Deadline for New Sexual Harassment Prevention Requirements Fast Approaching


In April, we wrote about new steps New York State is taking to prevent harassment in the workplace, including requiring New York employers to comply with policy and training requirements.

The deadline by which employers must comply with some of these new requirements, October 9, 2018, is fast approaching.  Specifically, by October 9, New York employers must have a sexual harassment policy that includes specific provisions.  Employers can revise their own policy to ensure compliance or can use a model policy issued by New York State.  Also by October 9, employers must draft a sexual harassment complaint form or use a model complaint form issued by New York State, and employers must either establish a training program to prevent sexual harassment or use a model sexual harassment prevention training program provided by New York State. New York State's model policy, complaint form and training program can be found here.

Remember, this applies to all New York employers, even those with one or two employees. 

Please contact us if you need assistance complying with the new requirements.  We can provide training, edit policies, and answer questions about meeting employers’ obligations.