Be Specific and Accurate in Annual Performance Reviews


The end of the year is approaching quickly, and most employers are likely preparing to issue performance reviews to their employees.  It is important to remember to encourage supervisors to be specific and accurate in their evaluations. 

It can be hard to put an employee’s deficiencies in writing, especially when that employee is overall a positive addition to a team.  Leaving out the details, however, can leave employers in a tricky situation should adverse action eventually be required.  Without a detailed history to support the adverse action, any action taken can appear to be arbitrary or retaliatory.  Furthermore, most employees want to improve and adequately perform their job duties.  Failing to specifically identify areas for improvement can hurt both the company and the employee.

It is inevitable that some adverse actions will result in an employee bringing a discrimination claim.  While an employer may know that an adverse action was taken for objective work-related criteria, if documentation does not support that assertion, an employer can have a tough time supporting its position to a factfinder. 


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